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Many years of international business experience in business consulting, emotional intelligence, information technology, sales & marketing, process automation, supply chain and finance.

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To thrive in these difficult economic times, we bring you exceptional value to your business.


The objective of our solutions is to make a reset and reinvent yourself for a sustainable future growth.

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Our inspiring senior professionals

Each professional has more than 30 years of international business experience and with successes in most industry sectors and all functional areas of your daily operations.


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Digital Brains promotes a holistic approach to stay competitive. Successfully blending the major functional areas of management, finance, sales, marketing, human resources, accounting, production, supply chain, process automation and innovation is our paradigm.

Business assessment

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Resilient staff

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Sales enablement

Improving performance


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Business as usual is no more! Re-invent your company now and act like a scale-up.


Our experts will guide you

Our consultants have extensive experience in assessing your actual strategy and operations. Together, we can define optimisations where needed.


Assess your organisation

Today’s economic situation requires a pragmatic rethinking and evaluation of your current business models, operational architecture and business processes. Our approach is pragmatic focusing on low hanging fruits first. Start with high level audit.

People are your most important asset.

Resilience to ongoing change

With emotional intelligence and empowerment you will create a team that is ready for any challenge and future change. This is the backbone of any organisation.


Our core team !

"Throughout Europe contributing to the success of start-ups and scale-ups"

Over 35 years of experience in general management and sales management in the information technology industry. With large expertise in running US-based companies throughout European regions, he has realised atrack record of significant revenue growth, year after year.

Bennie Peleman

"Translating business objectives into an appropriate change strategy is the key to succes"

Experienced serial entrepreneur, chief digital officer, program-/project manager and change manager, several CxO functions, interim manager and digital transformation business consultant. He is a coach and motivates people in achieving challenging objectives as a team.

Walter De Groof
" It is clear to me that companies that pay attention to emotional intelligence have a head start on the rest of the market!"

Cristina is a pedagogue and expert in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and compassion. She has wide expertise as an international speaker and trainer in companies, business schools and in the education field for more than 10 years. She combines trainings with coaching, consulting and lectures in psychology.

Cristina Jardón Serrano
Pedagogue and expert in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and compassion
"Exemplary leadership and focus in needed on helping clients achieve attainable revenue goals."

Over 20 years of strategic sales development, high level marketing management experience and operational delivery, serving in roles supporting various industries. Asks the right questions and listen to win the hearts and minds of clients and peers.
Onwards and upwards!

Richard Schepers
Senior Sales and Marketing professional
"Ensuring that both core HR strategies, leadership and talent processes enable the business strategy"

More than 20 years´ experience in recruiting and developing international leaders, leadership teams, and senior specialists within large organisations. Hanne has significant experience advising leaders in optimising organisational, leadership and talent processes, and in transforming HR functions to provide strategic relevance.

Hanne Pinholt
Senior Management consultant
"Bringing Innovation to your Supply Chains. Driving Change within your organisation. Assuring Business Continuity and Resilience."

Over 30 years experience in Logistics and Supply Chains. Designer of award winning Physical Internet solution for Supply Chains and Personal Mobility. End-to-end Supply Chain optimisation and agile hinterland planning. Business transformation with creative out-of-the-boxthinking. National Delegate in Standardization In Luxemburg.

Mark Scheerlinck
Senior Management Consultant
"Quickly pinpoint, analyse and document the added-value and the drivers of your organisation while the market is moving."

Supported people and organisations to realise their business ideas. In any change program, such as a digital transformation or a complete rethinking of products and services, seek to understand the broad picture necessary for a holistic approach with primary focus is on people and processes.

Kristiaan Proost
Enterprise Architect - Business Process Expert
"Managing the complex back-office process, procedures and financial governance directly impacts a business bottom line."

A Chartered Accountant with over 20 years’ experience in the accounting industry, with focus on providing personal accounting and finance assistance to startup and small businesses. Uses the ability to develop creative and effective solutions within the complex financial environment.

Enid Courtney ACA CA(SA)
Senior Business Backoffice Expert & Consultant
Digital transformation

Automate all core business processes

Accelerate your organisation's digital capabilities to keep pace
with the market.

1) Refocus digital efforts towards changing customer expectations;
2) Use new data and AI to improve business operations;
3) Selectively modernise technology capabilities;
4) Increase your organisation's drumbeat.


What keeps you awake?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of a Resilient team in an organization?

In times of changes and uncertainty, adaption and learning from failure are vital. A resilient team is trained to be not only adaptive but having a growth mindset, emotional strength and vision.

What is the link between emotional intelligence and mindfulness?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to know and manage our own and other’s inner process (emotions, thoughts, feelings,..). Mindfulness emphasis on the attention on what is happening within the present moment. It gives the right consciousness and is animperative to build Emotional Intelligence.

Why do we need marketing and sales better aligned?

Overthe last decade, marketing and sales teams grew apart. Marketing has invested into new technologies, less in articulating value for the customer. When marketing and sales would be aligned, with the same value proposition and qualification, they could increase revenue while having happier customers.

What are the different areas we solve in terms of sales and marketing?

- Sales training, coaching and implementation;
- Marketing and sales alignment practice;
- Expand sales and marketing services within Benelux, Germany, France and Spain.

What is digital transformation?

Inour contact-less society of the New Normal, where remote working becomes the standard, customers’ needs have changed (sometimes dramatically), supply chain often needs to be re-architected and were people and companies are digitally interconnected through API’s, there is no more room for companies to thrive while working manually dragging documents from one place to another. This is too slow, error prone, not efficient and gives too little room for today’s required agility.

Digital transformation gives the employees for your organization the appropriate tools to communicate smoothly with peers, customers, suppliers and partners. It also allows you to automate business processes in every corner ofthe company while enforcing compliance and improving quality and throughput.

Your people have to spend their time only on the core business; creating added value. The tasks without any/much added value are done by computers.

Why do we need innovation?

Technology is the rhythm section of our society. It not only determines the pace of change, but also how we have to work, which products and services the market needs and how they should be sold.
To be successful and become invincible, you cannot continue to do what you always did. Even reacting quickly on the new market trends is insufficient. You should be pro-active! Therefore, innovation needs to be embedded in your organization as a core business process. Ideas from everywhere in and outside the organization are continuously channeled, evaluated, tested, prototyped and some approved. Offering better and new products and services, but also using new business models will create new revenue streams.
Please don’t forget, in a digital marketplace a customer from around the corner is not much different from one living at the other side of the planet. The world is your market.


We speak your business language

Our value propositions

Mindful Organisations

Less employee retention, prevent burn-outs, increase contribution and teamwork.

Sustainable Sales Performance

Discipline and process drives to predictable and increased performance.

Sustainable business growth

Doing the right things, the right way with an open mindset. The bottom-line follows automatically.

Marketing and Sales Alignment

Integration of marketing Value Drivers and Sales Execution Drivers leads to a customer centric organization.

Digital Transformation

It is a matter of survival in the New Normal. Doing more of the same is no more an option.


Transforms a hierarchical organization to an agile one.