Your most frequently asked questions

Human Resources
What is the impact of a Resilient team in an organization?

In times of changes and uncertainty, adaption and learning from failure are vital. A resilient team is trained to be not only adaptive but having a growth mindset, emotional strength and vision.

What is the link between emotional intelligence and mindfulness?

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to know and manage our own and other’s inner process (emotions, thoughts, feelings,..) .Mindfulness emphasis on the attention on what is happening within the present moment. It gives the right consciousness and is an imperative to build Emotional Intelligence.

Howdoes Mindfulness and emotional intelligence increases performance within   companies?

Traditional growth and performance improvements were based on individuals and teams with high IQ and expertise. Nowadays, companies are confronted with aspects that do disrupt the human mind. Our programs are proving considerable performance improvements on essential skills, more important than IQ and knowledge.

Sales and Marketing
Why do we need marketing and sales better aligned?

Over the last decade, marketing and sales teams grew apart. Marketing has invested into new technologies, less in articulating value for the customer. When marketing and sales would be aligned, with the same value proposition and qualification, they could increase revenue while having happier customers.

What is the content of the Sales Acceleration program?

Our Sales Acceleration programme is a practical implementation to increase the productivity through effective marketing initiatives and an efficient sales execution. Our program is based on proven sales and marketing methodologies.

What are the different areas we solve in terms of sales and marketing?

- Sales training, coaching and implementation.
- Marketing and sales alignment practice.
- Expand sales and marketing services within Benelux, Germany, France and Spain

Shareholders Value
When we perform an assessment, how does it work and what is the outcome?

During a business assessment we look at all activities of your organization from purchasing, production, sales, customers, products and services, finance, actual vision and strategy, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges. Depending on the context of your organization we meet with C-level management, director and sometimes also shareholders. Using a specific methodology, the different topics are covered and discussed during a 3 to 5 of half a day sessions.

The result or outcome of the assessment presents the action plan for:
- Short-term – stabilise and optimise
- Mid-term – prepare for further growth.

In short, this assessment takes a picture of today’s situation, makes a SWOT-analysis and presents the action plan to thrive.

What is digital transformation?

In our contact-less society of the New Normal, where remote working becomes the standard, customers needs have changed (sometimes dramatically), supply chain often needs to be re-architected and were people and companies are digitally interconnected through API’s, there is no more room for companies to thrive while working manually dragging documents from one place to another. This is too slow, error prone, not efficient and gives too little room for today’s required agility.

Digital transformation gives the employees for your organization the appropriate tools to communicate smoothly with peers, customers, suppliers and partners. It also allows you to automate business processes in every corner of the company while enforcing compliance and improving quality and throughput.

Your people have to spend their time only on the core business; creating added value. The tasks without any/much added value are done by computers.

Why do we need innovation?

Technology is the rhythm section of our society. It not only determines the pace of change, but also how we have to work, which products and services the market needs and how they should be sold.

However, today creativity is more important than technology.

To be successful and become invincible, you cannot continue to do what you always did. Even reacting quickly on the new market trends is insufficient. You should be pro-active! Therefore, innovation needs to be embedded in your organization as a core business process. Ideas from everywhere in and outside the organization are continuously channeled, evaluated, tested, prototyped and some approved. Offering better and new products and services, but also using new business models will create new revenue streams.

Please don’t forget, in a digital marketplace a customer from around the corner is not much different from one living at the other side of the planet. The world is your market.