Increased Shareholders Value

Increased Shareholders Value

We believe in increased shareholders value by creating sustainable businesses based onpeople, planet, purpose and profit. In this order. In the COVID-19 aftermath society we will face a period of economic turmoil. We must also prepare for fundamental changes of the global financial system ahead. Companies have to build a robust financial backbone to cope with deflation and hyperinflation.

The Challenge

The first short-term challenge for many companies is survival - continuing the pre-COVID-19 situation. The second and mid-term challenge is making the company grow in fast changing market conditions. It will never be the same again. For sure not!


As society and the market have changed dramatically during the first 3 quarters this year (2020), all companies have to change, to adapt as well.

The focus must be on:

1) your employees as the impact of the COVID-19 stress should not be underestimated;

2) customer relationship and sales performance, this to maximise income and finally;

3) increase the efficiency of your operations to improve the bottom line. A robust financial backbone will be required to be successful.

Our Added Value

Stabilise. Re-invent. Grow. In this order.


The circle of Digital Brains has senior consultants with expertise in all current functional domains. As we promote an holistic but pragmatic approach we define small manageable projects based on priorities but starting with the ‘easywins’. This prioritised list results from the company assessment that we conduct together first. These small projects often have an impact in several functional areas, but they must have quick concrete results.


To grow in the ‘New Normal’ each organisation has to re-invent itself. Make a reset: based on your actual strengths, how will you acquire new customers, in new markets, using new business models offering new products and services? Innovation and (extended) digital transformation are the keywords here.

Remember, it is allabout quality, speed and cost.


The road map we define together is the path to implement the chosen strategy to reach the defined objectives: pragmatic agile, and with intermediate concrete results.

Your Result

Increased cash-flow! And ultimately increased free cashflow!


This growing cash-flow is created by multiple interlinked elements (holistic approach) such as:

1.    Happy, empowered and resilient people working in your organisation;

2.    Synchronised marketing and sales strategies that result in increased sales;

3.    Satisfied customers that are served as long-term partners of success;

4.    Automated processes that also take care of segregation of duties andimplement (enforce) governance and business rules. Such processes areultimately implemented in all nitty-gritty corners of the organisation;

5.    Strong and advanced financial management based on correct and timely information to drive your organisation securely on the winding and bumpy road ahead.

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